About Revitalize Hosting

The Issue.

Prior to the company establishing, we worked for a streamer. The streamer could not find a hosting company that could confidently host his server. Left annoyed and frustrated.

The Idea.

We quickly learned the only sufficient way to host high-stress gaming servers was through powerful, capacious CPU's, with completely custom optimization for the best experience.

The Void.

After learning how to professionally setup Minecraft servers, we were constantly reached out by streamers who desperately needed help setting up a professional grade Minecraft server.

The Mission.

Our team has made it our mission to Revitalize the server hosting industry. We understand the frustration and stress a Minecraft server brings to you. Let us provide you with every possible resource.


C.E.O - AJ

Hello, my name is AJ. I primarily will be the one touching base with you through customer support. I also love customizing Minecraft servers!


C.T.O - James

Wagwan, i’m James. I primarily work on all the back-end tech stuff. Including keeping your server lag-free and protected from malicious attacks!